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20 years of Dedicated Service from One of Pretoria’s Trusted Automotive Repair and Service Centers

When it comes to car repair, S.N Motors has got all bases covered. We have been serving residents in Pretoria for 20 years now and we continue to be one of the leading auto repair shops in the city.

It is our job to provide quality service, as well as cater to our client’s needs for their vehicle’s welfare.

How to Get Your Car Back and Running Again with the Right Auto Repair at S.N Motors

Maintenance is vital for any vehicle. Besides lengthening the life of your car, you get to save money in the long run and spare yourself with multiple repairs and engine replacements.

These days, maintenance can be hard to get by especially if you’re busy with your schedule. This is where auto service shops come in.

But why the need for maintenance? Is it just only about cleaning your car’s engines? Replacing that worn out seat upholstery?

Since your vehicle is made up of different parts, it needs to be in shape at all times to run smoothly.

If one part fails, it could affect how the whole vehicle runs. The first step is understanding what your car needs so you can identify the issues at hand.

Qualified & Licensed Mechanics

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Knowing Your Car from the Inside and Out

Car Fluid Levels

While you may have a reliable mechanic to do routine checks on your car’s fluid levels, it’s ideal to perform your own checks.

Keep an eye out for issues in the coolant, transmission and brake fluid, as well as your engine oil and steering fluid. Letting your car’s oil run out will cause the metal to rub against each other, resulting in an overheat.

Check Your Brake and Tires

Tire pressure that is too high or too low could affect your car’s braking, stability, and cornering.

Low tire pressure also means that it will touch the road and your tires will wear out quickly.

It’s crucial to check your tire’s alignment as well to make sure that your car’s suspension is performing right.

As for the brakes, keep your eyes peeled for leakage because it means it’s time to replace them. You also need to take note of any grinding sound.

Maintaining Your Vehicle at S.N Motors Pretoria

Our experience has taught us the importance of vehicle maintenance. Taking care of a van, car or truck is no easy feat. It involves time from making sure that it runs smoothly to prevent the engine from overheating. Neglecting your car’s maintenance can cause a number of problems that will force you to spend outside your budget range.

S.N Motors Cover All Automobile Services

Our various services have been the ultimate go-to for clients; AC heating, transmission replacement, auto repair, and engine diagnostics—your car needs are all accommodated here!

Component replacements are also available in our service roster. Engine, transmission, steering, and brake repair and replacement make a huge difference in how your vehicle runs.

What’s more, it will keep you safe from possible collisions and other auto-related problems.

Why choose us as S.N Motors as your auto repair center?

Local service

When you come to us for car maintenance, you become part of the RMI Automotive Repairs family. And we’ll do everything we can to help you get back on the road quickly and affordably.

Affordable repairs

We’ll be honest about what should be repaired on your car, and what can wait. We’ll also help you be proactive about routine maintenance and upkeep that will save you big down the road.

Trusted mechanics

All of our team are experienced, trusted mechanics. They’ll find the source of the problem and perform quality repairs that last.

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We are S.N Motors; your trusted RMI Certified Professional Mechanics and Auto-electricians offering top notch auto repair services in Pretoria, Centurion and Northern Midrand.

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