It goes without saying, you want to be certain the brakes on your vehicle are performing to their absolute maximum. Noisy brakes, brake fade, worn brake pads, brakes that pull the car to the side; all can cause your car to fail its Warrant of Fitness or, even worse, cause an accident.

Brake Disc Replacements Pretoria

The team at S.N Motors, Pretoria, will quickly diagnose your vehicle brake problems, including European brands like VW, BMW and Audi. We can examine your squeaky or troublesome brakes and:

  • complete all brake repairs
  • replace worn brake pads with high-quality brake pads that are suitable and safe for your vehicle
  • drain and replace brake fluids
  • disc machine when required to ensure less chance of unwanted noises in the future, and
  • ensure your car brakes are in peak condition

And, you will be covered by the S.N Motors 20 000 km comprehensive warranty. That includes our no squeal policy.

S.N Motors Brake Repair & Clutch Repair Specialists

We don’t have to explain how important it is that your vehicle stops when you need it to. By running your vehicle through our computerized test lane over the brake rollers, we can determine the efficiency of your braking system. For the right advice and service, we have you covered.

Brake Services is essential for your safety

S.N Motors is Pretoria’s first choice for brakes repairs & brake services

We understand how crucial functioning brakes are for your safety. Our mechanics, backed with experience and skill, work with precision to make sure your system does what it should.
Our care and knowledge places us as leaders in our industry. Talk to us today for any of your brake concerns.

Does your brake system require servicing?

If your brake warning light is on, your vehicle requires immediate brake servicing. Brakes servicing is not something that should be put off or ignored. Failing to fix your damaged brakes may result in serious accidents and harm.

While it may be clear in some cases that your brakes require servicing, it’s not always easy to know. Sometimes there are less-obvious warning signs that your brakes need attention. These include:

  • Your car taking longer to stop than usual
  • Hearing a screeching or grinding sound while braking
  • Your car losing grip while braking
  • Your car pulling to the left or right while braking
  • Your brake pedal is spongy or feels unusual
  • Your steering wheel shuddering when you brake
Brake service is done while you wait, for less!

The S.N Motors’ approach to brakes servicing

The Tony Allen team’s know-how is a combined effort of experience and practical automotive knowledge. With brakes being an essential part of your car’s safety system, our team takes this task seriously. We provide a comprehensive brakes service, from inspection to diagnosis, to repairs and testing. Our team of experienced mechanics will make sure your vehicle stops when it should.

Brake inspection
If you suspect your car’s brakes may be damaged, we will provide a thorough brake inspection service to identify any potential issues. Our inspections include spongy brake pedal analysis, brake fluid checks and uneven wear checks on brake pads and brake rotors. With a full brake system check, you can be confident your car is reliable and safe.
Brake repairs
If we find any issues during our complete brake inspection, or if you come to us with pre-identified damage, our experts will repair your system and get everything back into working order. Our services are affordable, consistent and professional on every job we take on. Trusting our experienced technicians assures a reliable driving experience.O

Our Own Brake Specialists Pretoria For Repair & Replacement

Brake System Malfunction Symptoms

  • squealing or screeching brakes
  • spongy, low, hard or soft brake pedal
  • trembling steering wheel under braking
  • lose vehicle grip under braking
  • longer stoppage time required than normal

It is important that the car brake and clutch work properly and it is not only important for the car owner but also for his/her family to stay safe and secure on road and avoid the risk of having an accident.

Types of Car Brake System

There are two types of car brake systems and also a combination type brake system is available.

  • Drum Brakes include Brake shoes, with linings attached. These are positioned inside the brake drums and the drums rotate with the wheel. 
  • Disc Brakes work in same way, apart from the brake that is made up of a stationary caliper, and a disc rotating with the wheel. When the pedal is pushed down, the hydraulic pressure forces the brake pads in the caliper to clamp on the disc.

Most of the modern day late models of the cars have disc brakes or combination brake system of front disc and rear drum brakes.

Note: Brakes are heat, water and moisture sensitive, and every time brake pedals are pushed down (or even foot is kept on it), the pads and linings erodes.

Complete Brake Repair Pretoria

Arrange a total all-inclusive brake repair & replacement service to make sure the brake is in best working condition. A thorough brake repair service not only includes fitting brake pads or shoes and running the braking system but it also includes:

  • examining and upgrading/replacing brake calipers
  • repairing or replacing rotors or drum
  • examining and/or replacing wheel bearings
  • examining backing plates and brake lines
  • examining and replacing (if required) all hardware and car coil kits on drum brakes
  • examining and replacing wheel cylinders/master cylinders
  • washing out the entire brake system

Book your brakes service or repair with Tony Allen Auto Service today

For a thorough brake test and service in South Auckland, book your car in for an appointment with our expert team. To book a service, you can fill out a form here or contact our helpful team on073-706-2611 – we are happy to help with any questions you may have about our process.

We are S.N Motors; your trusted RMI Certified Professional Mechanics and Auto-electricians offering top notch auto repair services in Pretoria, Centurion and Northern Midrand.

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